Saturday, 11 April 2009


With a few close friends I am starting a skate team. TEAM UNIHORN. We have no logo no identity or no slogan yet, but it will come... and it well be frikkin special.

I havent cleared it with the other throbbing members of the team yet but I quite like CRAZY. HORNY. WILD. as a slogan. Or UNITED AS ONE HORN. Its still a work in progress.

I got a new crusier deck this week, to take me to the train station, with big ol 60mm OJ wheels from 1986! I cut a diamond in the grip as its so special... Its super fast... Check my other board from a thrift store in Canada for 75 cents, snakes alive its made from perspex! Who knew? With a classic screaming hand Jim Phillips sticker. Jim. My hero.

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