Saturday, 11 April 2009


So for my day job I am an art director. "Oh yeah? so what?" Exactly. But I do alot of design and events for Nokia. This one event I was art directing in San Francisco had a Creative wall where "an illustrator" had to take requests from the public at a Web 2.0 expo and draw what the people wanted.

I went as "the illustrator." It was good clean fun, drawing on canvas with poster pens, every drawing having a smile and a positive comment. I enjoyed it alot and met some nice and some wild peoples.

San Francisco is amazing. A wild place full of crazy and beautiful people.

Thanks to T.Rio for taking pics of me during the event. Check his record spinning skills here, he is a good man with a lot of integrity.

Bless you sir and bless all the kids in the frisco disco!

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