Thursday, 22 January 2009


Working with Gordon Comstock is an absolute pleasure, he is narcissistic and full of pretentious fuckery. He uses words that I cant even spell, let alone understand.

I just read an article he wrote at the back of February's Creative Review, it was wonderful, I think it needed some illustrations though. Maybe next time, Cumstick?

Doing illustrations for his blog is alot of fun. I did these posters, combining some of my drawings, I want to get them screenprinted and sell them for shit loads of money at the back of Creative Review, that way I will become popular and liked by everyone. BUY BUY BUY!!!

$weet a$.

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Gordon Comstock said...

These are ace Stevie Gee. I will certainly take one - I have your Circus of Doom poster in my living room, next to a picture of Samuel Beckett - it really holds its own. You might like his face actually - he is one craggy-faced mother. Google him.